School's dropped out

Kamis, 08 September 2011

Every has a dream to go to school. They think that school is way to be success person and it can influence their future. However, not everyone can go to school, especially for the children who live in slum areas. Sometimes childrens are afraid of school's dropped out system applied in some school. There are three causes why some school, applied school's dropped out system.

First, the students can't follow the lesson well so, they have bad score. it can't fullfill standard minimum score. When they can't fullfill it they will have a chance to make up their score but if they failed they will be dropped out from school. Second, school's dropped out can happend because the students bad atitude it can influence the school image so, the school's must dropped out unobeied students. Third, the students parents can't pay the school fee. It usually happend in private school.

Three factors above can cause the students are dropped out.Hopefully we avoid that factors in order to stay in school and study.

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